Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

If you haven't seen one of these yet, they are AMAZING!

This is truly something every Momma to be needs and it is fun and simple to make!

This is the Diaper Cake I made for my Sister's Baby Shower Last May!

So in the picture above,  I found pacifiers, teethers, wrist rattles, baby slippers, a baby knit hat for the top, and the mini baby Johnson's powder, shampoo and lotion ect..  You can add what ever you want to your cake.  Baby toys, rattles, rolled up blankets, whatever you think will look nice :)

Shopping List
Thin curling ribbon
Wide Pretty Ribbon
Baby toys/mini lotions, powders, wrist rattles, bibs, pacifiers ect.. whatever you want and think will look cute!
All you need is scissors and a piece of cardboard or larger box.

1. To get started you need to buy a few packs of diapers.  I would also suggest finding a large piece of cardboard or a box, so you can move the cake to it's final destination easily.

2. I bought 2 packs of diapers for this cake, one pack of SIZE 1 and one pack of SIZE 2 diapers.

3. You are going to need some thin curling ribbon, (I forgot this next one and made due ) but you'll also want a roll of Wide Pretty Ribbon. (to go around each finished layer)

4.  I used the SIZE 2 diapers for the bottom 2 layers.  You have to roll each diaper (much easier if you roll from the closed end or bottom.) Then use the small ribbon and tie each diaper, do this until you have enough diapers to make your base layer.

You can make these as big or as small as you want, depends on how many diapers you feel like rolling, it can become annoying lol, and how much stuff you bought to put on the cake.

5. Tie a small ribbon around all your diapers standing up first.  then start your second layer.  I only did 4 layers, for layer 3 and 4 I used SIZE 1 diapers.

6. Depending on how large you are making your cake, you will need to eye up each layer so they get smaller as you go up.

7. Once you have as many layers as you want, stack the layers on top of one another.  Then add your decorations under the small ribbon holding each layer together.

8.  Now is when you can tie your fancy wide ribbon around each layer.  Because I forgot to buy wide ribbon I used my left over purple and pink ribbon and curled a bunch of it to make it look a bit more fancy.  You can Still do this to add some extra BANG :)

If I would have not thrown this together last minute I might have bought a cute stuffed animal or wrapped 2 or 3 bottles together with ribbon for the cake topper.

I had my almost 8 year old at the time help me roll and tie diapers, we had a fun time together and everyone at the baby shower loved the cake!

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