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This is my wonderful Family!  I am the Super Mom, Heather, my beautiful little princess Trista Jade and my fioncee' Paul, and our Mastiff/German Shepard, Pitbull Harley James. I am 28, my daughter is 8, Paul is 37 and our Baby Harley James (the dog) is 2 1/2.
 I was married to Trista's daddy, but it just didn't work out, we are divorced but Trista gets the best of both worlds since we only live a few blocks away from each other!  We live in a smaller town in Wisconsin only about 40 some thousand people.

My daughter has a huge playroom that is full of arts and crafts (and a 100 toys ;) ).  All the kids we know love spending time here because we always make something!  Weather it is cookies, cupcakes, foam crowns, hand prints ect.. we are always doing something fun!
I have quite a large family that gets together for just about everything, Birthdays, Holidays you name it!  We end up spending a lot of time together!
I love to cook, bake, BBQ, I don't really like cleaning, but am great at it lol. I love to craft, decorate, watch movies, and MOST OF ALL shop!  If there is one thing I am truly grateful for it has to be they way my mother taught us to shop.  I love rummage sales, thrift stores, and Clearance!  I never buy anything full price.  I can tell you exactly what store something came from just by looking at the clearance sticker.  I am fairly new to this whole blogging thing but I will be posting as much as I can about everything from my favorite recipes, kids' birthday ideas, crafts, great deals and clearance and so much more.  So make sure you come back and Check out my Super Mom page!

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