Friday, August 29, 2014

Spray Paint Edition #2 : Ombre everything! OH SO EASY DIY!

Here's a few thing I made.  One was a cheap plastic like picture frame I picked up from Menards on clearance for $8.00 was $30.00. I was into everything Black and White when I was 18 and just moved out on my own.  Now I am dirty 30 and love aqua, blue, teal etc.

I like to start painting in the middle the move on to the top or bottom.
Seriously don't be afraid of spray paint it is truly the most wonderful thing on earth, inexpensive, durable and extremely beautiful!

Amazing piece in my home. I love it I spent maybe $12.00 on spray paint ( 3 different cans/colors) with plenty left over for other projects!  Just add your own photo and enjoy!

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