Friday, August 29, 2014

Spray Paint Edition #4 : Photo frames, old mirror frames etc. OH SO EASY DIY

Here is a few pieces in my house I have simply taken apart, spray painted, and hung right back up on the wall!  I use a lot of exclamation points, really I am  that excited!!!!!! We strive on a tight budget, but I love to change, decorate and update our look, and believe you me, it is long overdue.  Most of these are frames I already had or were given and didn't match my decor.  Sometimes I even spray paint in the basement in winter just because I am so bored ;) Find old gifts in the closet, go to the dollar store, take things off your walls!  Spray paints are very specific on their labels so no fear. If your not the reading kind (lol) the cap shows you if the finish in matte or satin or gloss.  You can even get spray paint in  chalkboard, mirror paint, glow in the dark, paint that looks like a granite counter top finish!  I seriously don't know where spray paint has been hiding my whole life!

Here's a few pics of things I found around the house that were old wood picture frames and old mirror frames from good will thrift store! The Mirror was in tack when I started and unfortunately it was plastic. When I took the screws out to remove the mirror to paint the frame the pieces you screw the screws into broke, but I saw this in a store as a display and thought hey, why not put a picture in a large empty frame! Don't be afraid to spray paint old mirror frames give them new life!

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