Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part of my new journey Perfectly Posh !

I am super excited to start a new part time job from home and a great opportunity to bring in some extra income for my family!  This is the year of me trying harder and trying new things.  I have always had friends that sold stuff by doing parties in homes and I have had quite a bit of parties for them!!!! LOL!!!!! There was always something that caught my eye a bag, makeup or jewelry of some sort but nothing that ever kept me as a repeat customer!  I found some stuff from #POSH that I just love and kept reordering over and over because it is so great and so affordable.  So I thought if a stickler like me kept coming back why not try my hand in selling it myself.

I'm a pretty cheap and price conscious shopper, so what I love even more about #PerfectlyPosh is that nothing is over $25 and they have things even under $5.  Not only am I totally excited to start a new job, I'm really excited to try even more of the naturally based products that I haven't yet! Great incentives, tons of ways to incentives,goods,points or freebies, good commissions and on top of that PAID WEEKLY! barely anywhere pays weekly anymore.

I'm already in LOVE with many products!

If anyone wants to try some  of these amazing products check out the website

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