Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part of my new journey Perfectly Posh !

I am super excited to start a new part time job from home and a great opportunity to bring in some extra income for my family!  This is the year of me trying harder and trying new things.  I have always had friends that sold stuff by doing parties in homes and I have had quite a bit of parties for them!!!! LOL!!!!! There was always something that caught my eye a bag, makeup or jewelry of some sort but nothing that ever kept me as a repeat customer!  I found some stuff from #POSH that I just love and kept reordering over and over because it is so great and so affordable.  So I thought if a stickler like me kept coming back why not try my hand in selling it myself.

I'm a pretty cheap and price conscious shopper, so what I love even more about #PerfectlyPosh is that nothing is over $25 and they have things even under $5.  Not only am I totally excited to start a new job, I'm really excited to try even more of the naturally based products that I haven't yet! Great incentives, tons of ways to incentives,goods,points or freebies, good commissions and on top of that PAID WEEKLY! barely anywhere pays weekly anymore.

I'm already in LOVE with many products!

If anyone wants to try some  of these amazing products check out the website

Biscuit Bakes

I have always seen tons of the biscuit bakes recipes online and wanted to try them. But of course like a million other recipes I've pinned but never actually got around to doing. Well I had some friends over the other night and we decided to make a bunch of appetizers for the, what turned out to be the last Packer game of the season. We made a few things like spinach artichoke dip and crab rangoon dip and ham and cheese crescent roll ups for the kids.

After the Packers lost their final game of the season we had tons of food left over. So I thought I would make something with all the leftover dips.

These are seriously the easiest things I've ever made you can you use regular size muffin pans all I had was the oversized ones. All I did was spray the pans with some cooking spray and then put uncooked biscuit in the very bottom of the pan, I added some of the leftover dips into each muffin tin. Some a covered with cheese on top other they cut up some onions and mushrooms and sprinkled it in and then covered with cheese. And a few of them I put a biscuit on top of the deck. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the can of how long to bake your biscuits and they came out wonderfully.
So all you really need is some of your favorite dips, find your favorite recipes online or pull them out of your recipes - some cooking spray or butter to grease a pan with any brand of biscuits in a pop can from the store that you that you take home and bake yourself hey whatever extras you feel like cheese mushrooms onion garlic if you want to put a little more than what's already in your dip in or you can leave them completely plain and just two biscuits and dip, or you can cover with cheese or another biscuit and big and wallah you're done.

Hope you enjoy some of these as much as I did here's a few pictures of how they turned out they were truly amazing and I can't wait to make more. Oh yeah and I almost forgot I actually did make one where I did the bacon around the edge and biscuit and the egg and the cheese and all that goodness, but I tried this two different times and I would suggest just making your baking or cooking it however you like and then making the breakfast cup and just laying a piece of bacon over the top of it because I don't think the bacon cooked well enough when you put all that other stuff in there with it.

New year, new me

I'm exited to give blogging another try. This year there is so much I want to accomplish, do, be a part of. I can't wait to get started. I'm signing up with a new company to work from home. Want to get some traveling done. Try to exercise more, I'll let ya know if I find exercises I LOVE ; ) Cook more, try new recipies. Get back into my carpentry work in spring, I work outside in the driveway since our motorcycles and tools up all of the garage, so I know I'll get back into that. We just need a little warmer weather here in Wisconsin first. Here's to my new adventures in 2016.Hope to see you along my journey!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spray Paint Edition #5 OH SO EASY DIY

SO I found this blank wooden box at my local goodwill store.  In my head I knew right away I could paint it.  I took out the drawers, removed the hardware and covered the glass window with painters tape and newspaper. Spray paint away! I loved using two different colors it really makes it a stand out piece! I spent less than $10.00 on this and I love. Enjoy your local Thrift stores, and remember just about anything can be painted!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tips for keeping your crazy colored dyed hair luxurious

So over the summer I spent a lot of money and time on lightning dying my hair funky colors! Here are some tips I have gathered from my own experience and a few hints and tips from my retired Hair dresser Grandmother who was in the business almost her entire life!  ( little fact: back in the day to become a hair dresser, you had to work in a funeral home on the deceased to get your beauticians license, now that's commitment)

#1 When you lighten your Hair which I highly suggest, unless you have blonde or very light hair to begin with, wait a few days after you lighten your hair to actually put the color in.

#2  After I have lightened my hair I love to use some sort of treatment to help heal my hair, lightening, bleaching, can take a toll on your hair.  I use Moroccan Argon oil which can be pricey but works wonders.  Try vo5 treatment or coconut oil from the grocery store.

#3 When you do actually dye your hair that funky color leave it in for as long as possible. I have friends that go as far as saran wrapping their hair and sleeping in it overnight.  I go for about two hours, drape my shoulders with a towel and clip it in the front.

#4  Try to use the coolest water you can to rinse the dye out of your hair.  Even when you shower the days after, I do everything else in the shower first, shave wash my face etc... before even getting my hair wet when it s funky dyed. again when you wash your hair try to use cool water instead of hot if you can it really helps.  When your hair is washed with hot or warm water your hair expands and lets the color leak out faster. So the colder the better.

#5 When you towel dry your hair, do just that! Don't twist your hair around and leave the towel in , you are literally squeezing the color out of your hair and into your towel.

#6 If you blow dry your hair, your sealing it back in. The color won't leak out if your hair is dry!

#7 Avoid swimming, or chlorine if you can.

#8 Any kind of lock in moisture treatment or leave in conditions then blow drying also helps.

I always buy an extra bottle of hair color for spots that wash out too fast, if you dye your hair a lot, now you have lightened or bleached and put crazy colors in it, it tends to have some spots that may not hold the color as long as other areas.  Always a good plan to have some extra color on you!

Also I tend to go with darker colors, when they fade into the lighter colors you just added an extra week or two to your hair colors life!

Hope this helps and you love your crazy colored hair!
Here is my Berry colored hair first!

Then the more faded colored version after about 2 weeks :)

Spray Paint Edition #4 : Photo frames, old mirror frames etc. OH SO EASY DIY

Here is a few pieces in my house I have simply taken apart, spray painted, and hung right back up on the wall!  I use a lot of exclamation points, really I am  that excited!!!!!! We strive on a tight budget, but I love to change, decorate and update our look, and believe you me, it is long overdue.  Most of these are frames I already had or were given and didn't match my decor.  Sometimes I even spray paint in the basement in winter just because I am so bored ;) Find old gifts in the closet, go to the dollar store, take things off your walls!  Spray paints are very specific on their labels so no fear. If your not the reading kind (lol) the cap shows you if the finish in matte or satin or gloss.  You can even get spray paint in  chalkboard, mirror paint, glow in the dark, paint that looks like a granite counter top finish!  I seriously don't know where spray paint has been hiding my whole life!

Here's a few pics of things I found around the house that were old wood picture frames and old mirror frames from good will thrift store! The Mirror was in tack when I started and unfortunately it was plastic. When I took the screws out to remove the mirror to paint the frame the pieces you screw the screws into broke, but I saw this in a store as a display and thought hey, why not put a picture in a large empty frame! Don't be afraid to spray paint old mirror frames give them new life!

Spray Paint Edition # 3 : Jewelry Hanger to the max! OH SO EASY DIY

Here is a head board of a kids old wooden bed frame my mom found at a rummage sale! SCORE! Ombre spray paint, I start in the middle let it dry and then move on to each end.  Most spray paints will dry in 10 minutes or less! Depending on the weather in your area, touch lightly and check for "tackiness" of paint before flipping it over! I drilled a few holes ( I don't like to measure I am very good at eyeing things up but measure away if you want.  Found some knobs on clearance at My local hardware store for a dollar each and put them in.  All it is, is the knob and a screw, how easy is that? EASY!

You could put more eye hooks on it, they also just screw in with a little elbow grease on your part. Or more knobs, hooks or anything you want to hang more stuff.  Use the rods the put bracelets on or tie more scarves.

Spray Paint Edition #2 : Ombre everything! OH SO EASY DIY!

Here's a few thing I made.  One was a cheap plastic like picture frame I picked up from Menards on clearance for $8.00 was $30.00. I was into everything Black and White when I was 18 and just moved out on my own.  Now I am dirty 30 and love aqua, blue, teal etc.

I like to start painting in the middle the move on to the top or bottom.
Seriously don't be afraid of spray paint it is truly the most wonderful thing on earth, inexpensive, durable and extremely beautiful!

Amazing piece in my home. I love it I spent maybe $12.00 on spray paint ( 3 different cans/colors) with plenty left over for other projects!  Just add your own photo and enjoy!

Spray Paint Edition : #1 Tin can candle holder OH SO EASY DIY

We like to buy the XXL size of soup cans when I make soup in fall/winter the leftover cans are amazing! All I did was peel the label.
Wash the can very well!
I spray painted first I would recommend doing this last lol.
Drill holes with any size bit. It can be random or draw a design on in with marker!

This was my first attempt, so GET CRAZY! Make it your own! With a little lace or burlap it could make an awesome center piece for a wedding or baby shower or just your back yard BBQ's!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuffed Meatloaf Yum!

So I wanted to spice up my grandma's famous meatloaf and here is how!

Here's what you will need.

3lbs ground beef
1lb spicy ground pork
2 eggs
onion- celery- onion powder- ricotta cheese- mozzarella cheese- fresh spinach- sun dried tomatoes- 3 cans golden mushroom soup- one package fresh mushrooms.
One bag of golden potatoes- butter

Start by boiling your potatoes in a large pot for about 40 minutes or until soft (test with fork)

Also take your three cans of golden mushrooms soup and empty them into a medium sized pan, add 2 soup cans full of water and your package of fresh mushroom, mix well, cover and simmer.

First I mixed these ingredients together.

3 lbs ground beef

1 lb Spicy ground pork

 2 eggs

diced onions about 1/2 cup

diced celery about 1/2 cup or two stalks

Mix in a large bowl

Take a pan and line it with foil

take half of your meat mix and make a rectangle in your pan press firmly together.

In a seperate bowl mix

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 bag shredded mozzarella cheese (2 cups)

As much fresh spinach leaves as you like

some sun dried tomatoes ( I got mine in a pre package in the veggi section)

some mined garlic  (1-2 tbsp)

onion powder and salt and pepper to taste

once you mix these up well, smush them together in the middle of your meat loaf

then add another layer of meat on top make sure to squish the edges together.

Bake at 375 for about an hour or until the top of your meatloaf is a dark brown.

By now you potatoes should be nice and soft, drain rinse and throw in a large bowl.  I add one stick of butter, salt and pepper to taste and minced garlic about a teaspoon if you like and use my hand mixer until I have mashed potatoes.

I like to slice everyone a nice slab of meat loaf, add a nice helping of potatoes and then cover with your golden mushroom sauce! ENJOY!