Friday, August 29, 2014

Spray Paint Edition # 3 : Jewelry Hanger to the max! OH SO EASY DIY

Here is a head board of a kids old wooden bed frame my mom found at a rummage sale! SCORE! Ombre spray paint, I start in the middle let it dry and then move on to each end.  Most spray paints will dry in 10 minutes or less! Depending on the weather in your area, touch lightly and check for "tackiness" of paint before flipping it over! I drilled a few holes ( I don't like to measure I am very good at eyeing things up but measure away if you want.  Found some knobs on clearance at My local hardware store for a dollar each and put them in.  All it is, is the knob and a screw, how easy is that? EASY!

You could put more eye hooks on it, they also just screw in with a little elbow grease on your part. Or more knobs, hooks or anything you want to hang more stuff.  Use the rods the put bracelets on or tie more scarves.

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