Friday, August 29, 2014

Tips for keeping your crazy colored dyed hair luxurious

So over the summer I spent a lot of money and time on lightning dying my hair funky colors! Here are some tips I have gathered from my own experience and a few hints and tips from my retired Hair dresser Grandmother who was in the business almost her entire life!  ( little fact: back in the day to become a hair dresser, you had to work in a funeral home on the deceased to get your beauticians license, now that's commitment)

#1 When you lighten your Hair which I highly suggest, unless you have blonde or very light hair to begin with, wait a few days after you lighten your hair to actually put the color in.

#2  After I have lightened my hair I love to use some sort of treatment to help heal my hair, lightening, bleaching, can take a toll on your hair.  I use Moroccan Argon oil which can be pricey but works wonders.  Try vo5 treatment or coconut oil from the grocery store.

#3 When you do actually dye your hair that funky color leave it in for as long as possible. I have friends that go as far as saran wrapping their hair and sleeping in it overnight.  I go for about two hours, drape my shoulders with a towel and clip it in the front.

#4  Try to use the coolest water you can to rinse the dye out of your hair.  Even when you shower the days after, I do everything else in the shower first, shave wash my face etc... before even getting my hair wet when it s funky dyed. again when you wash your hair try to use cool water instead of hot if you can it really helps.  When your hair is washed with hot or warm water your hair expands and lets the color leak out faster. So the colder the better.

#5 When you towel dry your hair, do just that! Don't twist your hair around and leave the towel in , you are literally squeezing the color out of your hair and into your towel.

#6 If you blow dry your hair, your sealing it back in. The color won't leak out if your hair is dry!

#7 Avoid swimming, or chlorine if you can.

#8 Any kind of lock in moisture treatment or leave in conditions then blow drying also helps.

I always buy an extra bottle of hair color for spots that wash out too fast, if you dye your hair a lot, now you have lightened or bleached and put crazy colors in it, it tends to have some spots that may not hold the color as long as other areas.  Always a good plan to have some extra color on you!

Also I tend to go with darker colors, when they fade into the lighter colors you just added an extra week or two to your hair colors life!

Hope this helps and you love your crazy colored hair!
Here is my Berry colored hair first!

Then the more faded colored version after about 2 weeks :)

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